A little paranoia …

Oct 21, 2015 | Hot Topics

From the Travel Desk at Schnitger Corporation

Dear Sir,

We know you’re important, that your time is in demand. And that it’s hard to schedule all of your calls and meetings around travel — heck, we’ve been there. But –but– we don’t need to hear your plans for the upcoming merger, that you don’t particularly respect a new client or how you’re going to kill it at that next meeting. You just told an entire gate area at Logan airport that you’re going to get rid of a local office because it’s not up to standard.

That wasn’t smart. If we were your competitors, or perhaps people working in that office, we’d have intel on your operations that you probably shouldn’t be sharing. In this instance, a bit of paranoia might serve you well: you never know who’s listening, what they’re inferring from your words and tone. You don’t know what they’re going to do with that information.

So, please, please hush. Talk, of course, but with discretion. Don’t bellow. Perhaps put your hand over your mouth and cell phone (like NFL coaches on TV — ever wonder why they do that?). Maybe face a wall. Realize that you cell mic is better than you think and that those on the other end can hear you just fine, even if you’re struggling to hear them given the constant loudspeaker announcements.

When we threw this out to the Twitterverse, a couple of other ideas came forth: expect input from the peanut gallery, random listeners sitting near you. Their comments might just bump your strategy to that next level. You might also see people taking notes, so they can quote you exactly. You probably don’t want either of those things happening so, once again, hush.

Thank you for your attention. Respectfully,
Gate 17

I am in Dubai for AVEVA World Summit. It’s going to be a great couple of days — you can follow along on Twitter at #AVEVASummit. I hear there’s especially exciting stuff coming this morning, Dubai time. The cover image was taken just after sunrise from my hotel room window, and these are the grounds of the Grand Hyatt Dubai:

2015-10-21 07.45.32

Hot and sticky, but with fountains and palm trees and keep the desert back — it feels like the oasis that it is.