Quickie: ANSYS acquires to add to EMAG offering

Sep 2, 2015 | Hot Topics

A quick update since I’m still at Accelerate, Autodesk’s PLM360 user event:

ANSYS just announced that it has acquired the assets of Delcross Technologies to add to its electromagnetic simulation and radio frequency system analysis offering. Not something I know much about, but Delcross’ website says that they “specializes in the development of commercial computational electromagnetic (CEM) and RF system analysis software products  ….  [including] EMIT for RF Cosite Interference Prediction, Savant for Installed Antenna Performance Simulation, and Signa for Complex Radar Signature Analysis.”

ANSYS further explains that this software enables users to understand how antennas send/receive data work in their actual environments.

Delcross was founded in 2006 to capitalize on the founders’ “background in asymptotic computational electromagnetic (CEM) techniques and cosite interference analysis”. [Sorry for the quotes — I don’t even know what that means. –Ed.]

ANSYS CEO Jim Cashman said in a press release that the “combined ANSYS high-frequency solution will deliver an unequalled portfolio for wireless system design. When we pair this expanded electronics offering with our best-in-class structures and fluids solutions, our users can create more complete virtual prototypes of whole systems.”

It’s not explicitly spelled out, but it appears that this was more that a tech asset acquisition; Matt Miller, Delcross president, implied that at least some of the Delcross team will join ANSYS.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.