EarningsAVEVA issued another one of its periodic trading updates last week: In a very brief statement, AVEVA said that it hasn’t seen any change in the business climate since its May report and that the continued strengthening of the British pound continues to drag down revenue and profit.

Just about the only real piece of news is that AVEVA’s cash position at the end of June was £119 million, up from £104 million at the end of March 2015. We can’t infer much from this, other than collections seem to be going to plan, too, given that some cash was spent on the FabTrol acquisition in June.

Speaking of … Acquisition integration is going well, according to the statement. 8over8 (contractual risk management software, acquired in January for £27 million) takes the company in a new direction, adding business process management to the company’s longtime engineering focus. Many of the EPCs I’ve been speaking with are implementing commercial software to systematize processes that had been ad hoc across divisions and projects; 8over8’s ProCon fits nicely into that trend. 8over8 is tiny and is unlikely to move AVEVA’s needle all that much right now, but AVEVA’s global reach and support network are likely to jumpstart the business in geos previously out of 8over8’s reach.

The addition of FabTrol (steel fabrication management software, acquired a few weeks ago for Canadian $6.5 million) enables AVEVA to provide solutions for each stage of the steel fabrication chain, from steel design to detailing and fabrication. It, too, will benefit from AVEVA’s reach to take it beyond North America where, I am told, it is the market leader. AVEVA acquired Bocad in 2012; its steel detailing solution already has an interface to FabTrol. Cross-selling the two products presents a good opportunity to try to displace incumbent Tekla or Bentley ProSteel in North America with Bocad (weak in North America) and in-house solutions with FabTrol in the rest of the world, where FabTrol is largely unknown.

London City analysts have a consensus forecast for fiscal 2016 revenue of £217 million, which would be an increase of 4% or so. AVEVA next releases financial info in November.