EarningsDassault Systèmes yesterday announced that it had acquired Modelon Gmbh but wasn’t really clear about the details. A number of you emailed and tweeted to ask for more information; here’s what I’ve learned:

DS acquired Modelon AB’s 45% stake in Modelon GmbH, only one part of Modelon AB. The AB is the parent company of the group, which consisted of Modelon Inc. in US and Modelon K.K. in Japan as well as that minority share of Modelon GmbH in Germany. After this deal, Modelon AB remains, as do the Inc. and K.K. The Modelon brand and all assets of Modelon AB remain with the Modelon group.

To be more clear, then, what DS acquired was the Modelon GmbH team of roughly 40 engineers to further DS’ own virtual systems design and systems simulation ambitions.

Why did Modelon do this? According to Dr. Hubertus Tummescheit, the CEO of Modelon Inc., Modelon can consolidate its German operations and will now start up its own, wholly-owned, subsidiary in Germany. Dr. Tummerscheit also wanted to make clear that “all but one of the products on listed at www.modelon.com are owned by the parent company, with only the Battery Library developed by Modelon GmbH” and that “Modelon AB/Inc/KK will continue as the global Modelon brand with the same strategic vision, product portfolio, and services solutions focused on Modelica and Functional Mockup Interface. Modelon continues to have operations in Germany without any interruption with an office in Munich.”

Modelon customers in Germany will see some changes with respect to business relationships, and will be contacted to determine the most effective way to move forward.  You can read Modelon’s press release here.

Thanks to everyone who got in touch for clarification — both asking and answering questions!