Trimble today announcedEarnings that it has acquired Linear project GMBH, a privately-held provider of scheduling software for linear or corridor infrastructure projects –that’s highways, railways, pipelines, tunnels, transmission lines and similar built assets that need to include location for a complete definition. These projects need to asses and work with site geometry, schedules and resources to plan and execute cost-effectively; staging material, for example, too far from where it is needed wastes time and money.

Linear project’s TILOS is a time and location planning tool that merges both place and schedule into a single graphical view that reflects the current state of each, and then updates dynamically as conditions change. It’s an extension to Gannt charts that’s hard for non-experts to interpret, but it enables contractors, owners and civil engineers to plan and manage linear projects more effectively.

Alan Sharp, business area director for Trimble Heavy Civil Construction software solutions, said in a press release that “[w]ith the addition of TILOS, Trimble can better address the needs of project owners, engineers and civil contractors by enabling them to closely manage operations and execute their projects on schedule and within budget. The Linear project team brings a wealth of experience and an expansive customer base that includes many of the world’s largest contractors and rail network operators. We are very excited to have them join Trimble.”

Details of the transaction were not released.