EarningsBentley Systems just announced that it has acquired C3global, maker of the web-based Amulet suite software for operational analytics. Amulet will be added to Bentley’s AssetWise offering, expanding on the Ivara acquisition by adding configurable predictive and prescriptive analytics for just-in-time maintenance and operating adjustments.

This is a big deal — knowing that something is about to go wrong in a water treatment plant, refinery or power grid, and being able to proactively do a maintenance procedure can save money and avoid pollution or other hazards while, on the positive side, protecting revenue generation and profit.

At Bentley’s Year In Infrastructure conference and other events, I’ve heard industrial companies and other asset owners talk about the importance of more closely tying predictive maintenance into their operational plans. By connecting the designed plant to the operating plant to the maintenance needs of the operators, Bentley is creating a feedback loop that can improve the asset’ performance today and inform the next set of design changes.

In the press release announcing the deal, Bentley Systems CEO Greg Bentley said, “Our acquisition of Amulet enables another cumulative BIM* advancement – beyond leveraging design modeling, construction modeling, and reality modeling – for enhancing infrastructure asset performance. With our AssetWise APM offering, we already provide comprehensive solutions for reliability-centered maintenance and risk-based inspection. By configuring Amulet’s proven, industrial-strength operational analytics with our market-leading engineering analysis portfolio, optioneering can be extended through asset performance modeling for just-in-time operational decisions, which can now predictively consider, beyond engineering, the relevant environmental and economic context.” [*Mr. Bentley isn’t using “BIM” in the building sense of the acronym; he’s extending it to all sorts of built assets. — Ed.]

C3global CEO David Smith continues, “Given the unprecedented convergence of big data from the ‘Internet of Things,’ hybrid computing, and BIM’s advancement of functional engineering models – joining with Bentley to introduce asset performance modeling for industrial-scale infrastructure was absolutely compelling.”

According to Bentley, Amulet “bridges the gap between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT), enabling advanced analytics to be an integral part of all aspects of the business process … Once data from the IT and OT systems has been captured and aggregated, the software applies the users’ business rules, models, and knowledge to provide an improved view and understanding of operational performance for decision support … AssetWise Amulet will help drive the right actions at the right time, reducing operational risks and improving operational efficiency.”

C3global is new to me, though it’s been around since 1996, so I’ve asked Bentley to tell me more and show me what Amulet can do. But a quick bit of research tells me I think I’m going to like what I learn: C3global has on its website a product roadmap for Amulet, something we don’t usually see. Add that level of transparency to an impressive customer reference list (here and here), and Bentley may be onto something impressive.

Bentley didn’t disclose the price or terms of the deal but it sounds like it’s done, and like all of the key C3global employees are joining Bentley.

Were at a pace of one acquisition per week so far this year. But they’ve all been by AECish companies –albeit expanding out of traditional AEC CAD into new areas like maintenance and contract execution— so, what’s up discrete manufacturing companies? Simulation suppliers? Get moving!