I’m on a plane, making my way to the Dassault Systèmes 3D Experience Forum in Las Vegas. You, however, have Wifi so connect your speakers and groove to this lovely video:

Bentley showed this last week at the start of the Year in Infrastructures Awards Banquet, and it got the house … happy. The video, commissioned by the Institute of Civil Engineers and Bechtel, shows some of London’s infrastructure projects, including Crossrail, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, the Thames Barrier, parts of the London Underground and Kings Cross Station. The point: engineers make a difference and have fun, too. Someone from Bentley told me that the Institute created the video to get young people interested in a career in engineering — some of the “dancers” are actually quite famous in UK civil engineering circles. To me, it’s a bunch of people grooving to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. How can you not?

Serious content coming soon. Dance while you can!