CADDS_5_category_main_imageDebating the merits of direct and parametric modeling is all the rage. Is one better than the other? Which one should you use? Are you doing something wrong if you’re not using [direct|parametric], if you’re using [parametric|direct] now?

No, depends, definitely not.

Direct or explicit modeling is where CAD started in the days of “Insert Box L 10 W 12 D 4″*; parametric modeling emerged to help us control the models we were creating and impose order on a complex process, especially if the goal was to create slight variations of a core design. Each style of modeling has advantages in specific use cases, but don’t worry: they play well together and both can have an important role in your design strategy.

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*I tried to find a screenshot of an old CADDS4 Insert Box operation but the Interwebs let me down. This image is of CADDS5, the old Computervision shipbuilding product still supported by PTC. I worked on that very product and am insanely proud that, decades later, it still lives on. This image is courtesy of PTC.