EarningsWhat a day! Autodesk just announced that it has acquired Bitsquid, the Swedish creator of the Bitsquid game engine. Not surprising, this bolsters Autodesk’s offering for the game development industry but it also has potential in other markets that can benefit from real-time 3D visualization. Architects who want to place buildings in real-world contexts, designers who need to see their products as buyers would use them — Autodesk says Bitsquid technology will “create new types of design exploration tools that allow visualization and contextualization of designs using the same fluid control and immediate feedback that exist today in modern console and PC games”. Increasingly, the world of technology we use for fun becomes integral to what we do for work.

Chris Bradshaw, Autodesk’s VP of Media & Entertainment said in a press release, “Imagine being able to walk through and explore any type of design, from buildings to cars, with the same freedom you experience in the open world of a next-generation console game. Game engine technologies will be an increasingly critical part of the workflow, not only for creating games, but also for designing buildings or solving complex urban infrastructure challenges. The Bitsquid acquisition brings to Autodesk both the expertise and the technology that will enable us to deliver a groundbreaking new approach to 3D design animation tools, and we welcome the team and community to Autodesk.”

Details of the deal were not released, but Autodesk did say that the transaction will have no impact on its most recent guidance.