EarningsMensch und Maschine, Autodesk’s largest reseller in Europe and maker of the OPEN MIND line of CAM software, reported preliminary results for 2013 that showed the year finished strong. If you recall, sales had slowed during Q2, accelerated a bit in Q3 and, apparently, returned to more normal levels in Q4.

Total revenue in Q4 was €32 million, up 6% year/year. The preliminary results didn’t include a breakdown, but to get to the annual totals below, the split had to be around €9 million from Software and €23 million from the VAR business.

For the year, the company reports revenue of  €126 million, up 6%, with its Software division reporting revenue €35 million, up 4% as reported and up 8% in local currencies, while its VAR Business reporting revenue of €91 million, up 6%.

CEO Adi Drotleff commented in a press release that 2013 was “a rather challenging environment [but ultimately] was a successful year for us. The highest hurdle in the long term transition of the M+M business model to more value is now behind us, and we feel well on track for our goal to increase EPS to 50 Cents by 2015 and to one Euro by 2018, which would represent more than a quintupling in five years.’

Indeed, MuM’s corporate presentation set out guidance for 2014, 2015 and 2018, with total revenue on the order of 140 million (or an increase of 11%) in 2014, over 155 million in 2014 and over 210 million in 2018.

We’ll learn more when MuM releases final 2013 results on March 17, 2014.