EarningsSiemens just announced that it is acquiring TESIS PLMware, known for integrating Siemens’ Teamcenter PLM solution with the alphabet soup of enterprise software: ERP, MES, CRM and SCM. (That’s enterprise resource planning, manufacturing execution systems, customer relationship management and supply chain management, if you’ve left your decoder ring at home.)

TESIS PLMware has been around for 25 years (but only 5 or so in the US) and created a methodology for PLM process consulting and enterprise process integration, but is perhaps best known for its specialized products to integrate Teamcenter with SAP ERP with its Teamcenter Gateway for SAP Business Suite (T4S), with Oracle via E-Business Suite (T4O), and with the rest of the alphabet via T4EA, where “EA” stands for enterprise applications.

This is where PLM hits the rest of the business — all the wonderful engineering and design data is useless if it doesn’t move beyond those boundaries and out into purchasing, manufacturing operations, sourcing, sales and after-sales support. TESIS PLMware helps bridge those gaps and make critical data accessible to and from all parts of the enterprise.

Siemens did not hold a briefing about the acquisition, but Siemens PLM Software CEO Chuck Grindstaff is quoted in the announcement as saying that the acquisition of TESIS PLMware brings “stable and proven interfaces to the world’s leading ERP systems, [so that] our PLM solutions are completely integrated into the enterprise software architecture of our customers. This makes them faster, more efficient, more flexible and more cost effective.”

Details of the acquisition were not given, but it sounds as though the deal is done and the US and German teams will be joining the Siemens PLM Software part of overall company. According to TESIS, the PLMware group has a staff of 150 engineers and software developers, and the SAP solution alone has been implemented at more than 100 companies worldwide; I couldn’t find a comparable stat for Oracle or the other solutions. TESIS will retain DYNAware, its vehicle simulation solutions, and  SYSware, the IT security and identity management business.