Solid Edge Store, US 27 August 2013A quick update on a story that started at Solid Edge U earlier this summer: In order offer customers more choice in the way they buy their CAD software, Solid Edge today opened its online store. There, you can buy monthly subscriptions to several flavors of Solid Edge, starting at $130/month. Assuming you’re in the US or the UK, you can get to the store through Siemens or, soon, via a link from your favorite reseller’s website. (Other geos will be coming online soon.)

Siemens even made a cute little movie about the store and Solid Edge. For some reason, it features hands-free flossing. Go figure.

The basics: This is a download of the latest version of Solid Edge, not CAD in a browser. Your subscription can be as short as one month; you download software once your credit card is charged and use it just like a conventionally-purchased license. The designs, drawings, etc. are fully compatible with all other Solid Edge seats (of the same vintage) that you may already have. The subscription seat will need to periodically be connected to the Internet so that the license manager can check to make sure that you’re still fully paid-up, but you don’t otherwise need to be connected. If you buy through Siemens, you’ll be hooked up with a local reseller for services and support, which is included in the subscription; if you buy via a reseller, that’s your support partner.

It will be interesting to see how this develops. I hear often from users who need to add licenses (or turn them off) to improve business agility — but I also hear that others are happy with their perpetual payment upfront, thankyouverymuch. What do you think? Does a subscription appeal to you? Why? Why not? Sound off in the comments.