EarningsTRIPLAN is one of many companies in our PLMish universe and it often gets lost in the deluge of news. Since there’s interesting stuff happening, let’s look a bit more closely, shall we?

You may be more familiar with TRIPLAN’s ITandFactory brand, the joint venture between Neilsoft Ltd. in India and TRIPLAN AG in Germany. ITandFactory markets CADISON, a plant design and engineering data management solution as well as TRICAD, its factory and building engineering planning solution.

What you may not know is just how big and complex TRIPLAN is. Turnover in the year ended September 30, 2012 was € 41 million, most of it from TRIPLAN’s engineering, design, procurement and construction management (EPCM) business. With that earnings release, the company’s management announced plans to grow revenue to around € 46 million in fiscal 2013 and € 52 million by the 2014/2015 fiscal year.

TRIPLAN’s technology offering is, at this point, not a major source of revenue. In fiscal 2012, the Technology Services division reported revenue of € 4.1 million, up 11% over the prior year. However, TRIPLAN sees its tech products as important in differentiating TRIPLAN from other EPCMs, enabling it to provide a uniquely comprehensive solution in engagements. Too, successful EPCM engagements lead plant operators like Volkswagen to implement its software for routine maintenance and operations.

Through the three quarters so far of fiscal 2013, revenue was € 33.4 million, up 16%. Technology Services revenue was essentially flat year/year at € 3 million.

But there’s more … Last month CROSS Informatik GmbH, TRIPLAN’s largest shareholder with 47.24% of voting rights, announced a takeover bid to purchase the remaining shares of TRIPLAN at € 1.7 each. According to what is clearly old data on the TRIPLAN website, CROSS owns 43% of shares, ABAG Aktienmarkt Beteiligungs AG owns 28%, 11% is owned by BEKO Holdings. That leaves roughly 15% to 20% of shares available to the general public.

I don’t know much about CROSS. Its website says it “holds investments in IT-related fields in Austria and the German speaking countries. These include the All for One Steeb AG (> 65%), one of the leading SAP full-service providers in the German-speaking area, and TRIPLAN (> 45%), which offers high-tech engineering services for the construction of complex production facilities worldwide”.

At this point, I wouldn’t worry too much about this. At 10AM ET on 15 August, TRIPLAN’s share is trading at about € 1.85, but it’s unclear who’s driving up the price, or if CROSS will wind up owning the rest of the shares. Shareholders have until September 6 2013 to sell or hold — and then we see what, if anything, happens next.