Google Reader

It’s almost time to say goodbye to Google Reader, that oh-so-modern equivalent of a local, town newspaper. As you may know, it’s shutting down on July 1st, and when it goes, it’s taking  your subscriptions with it!

If you read this blog via Google Reader, you have a couple of days to back up your Google Readers subscriptions and pick an alternative. All of the ones I’ve checked out make it easy to sign in with your Google login and transfer subscriptions (of course it is, that’s how you steal customers away). But if you’re not sure which feed reader you might like (and there seem to be a lot to choose from), Lifehacker has lots of options and opinions. I’m alternating between bloglovin (whose name I hate but is OK otherwise) and Feedly, with a better name but not so great interface.

Good luck — and please remember that I can’t fix this for you. You need to take action, or will lose all of the content you normally see from Google Reader.(whose interface is …. eh.)

If you’re not a Google Reader person, thanks for skimming this far — now get back to work!