NewsThe CAM world grew one company smaller today, as Vero Software announced that it has acquired the SURFCAM assets from Surfware, Inc. According to Surfware, SURFCAM, a CNC programmer for 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis machining, has been installed on over 26,000 systems since the company’s inception in 1988.

Vero CEO Richard Smith explained why the CAM provider needed to add SURFCAM to its offering: “SURFCAM is a robust and well respected CAD/CAM system with a large number of loyal customers and knowledgeable resellers. With an emphasis on sharing already proven technologies, we will provide the development platform to reinvigorate the SURFCAM product and continue to help its customers become more efficient, profitable and successful. … We will continue to invest in SURFCAM through our new subsidiary Surfcam Inc., and welcome the existing US and overseas Surfware partners and resellers into the Vero network.”

Alan Diehl, one of the founders of Surfware, said in the press release announcing the move, “We are confident that Vero’s additional resources and global distribution will take SURFCAM to new levels of efficiency, and will continue to provide solutions that boost our customers’ productivity, reduce costs and improve quality.”

Note that this is an asset sale, not a company sale. Surfware Inc. will be renamed TRUEMill Inc., which will continue developing and licensing TRUEMill, a physics-based toolpath optimization technology that maximizes the material removal rate and increases tool life.

I don’t follow the CAM market as closely as I could but I have heard rumblings that Vero acquired SURFCAM because it had a true technological edge at one time, but had fallen behind in recent years. Perhaps Vero’s deeper pockets, along its broader global footprint, can reinvigorate the brand.