Global intelligenceHi, everybody! I have something like 5 blog posts in various states of completion but last week’s SolidWorks World, followed by 3 days of hanging out with adorable but sneezy munchkins at Disney and Universal and then a quick high school reunion (more on all of these, soon) has left me with the cold from hell. All that wonderful prose is going to have to wait until my head is clearer. Meantime, we’ll make do with a couple of quick news items to keep us all informed.

Delcam had predicted that its December quarter was going to be great, and must have been. The company announced this week that it expects revenue to be at least £47 million. That compares quite nicely to last December’s forecast of £46 million in revenue and reported revenue for 2011 of just under £42 million. We’ll find out the details when the company reports in full on March 26, 2013.

AVEVA said that the December quarter was as expected with “strong cash generation in the [fiscal] third quarter.” The oil and gas sector continued to drive revenue for the engineering and design solutions business, while power showed “steady growth” and marine “remained depressed”. AVEVA Everything 3D is commercially available and the company reports ‘good levels of interest”, though no material contribution to revenue is expected in fiscal 2013, ending in March.

I don’t usually cover this type of announcement because there’s no actual quantification, but this is impressive:  Aras just announced that the company achieved a fifth consecutive year of record revenue growth, led by Asia which was up 160% increase in 2012. The company also said that its software has been downloaded more than 67,000 time in 130 countries, supported by a network of partners in over 40 countries. I spent time with Marc Lind of Aras back in December and was really impressed with what the company is doing, weaving together open and proprietary codes to build solutions. Aras EPLM with Requirements Management for SolidWorks EPLM, announced last week.

Hexagon continues its acquisitive ways, announcing that it has purchased Listech, makers of the LISCAD solution set for land surveying and civil engineering. Details of the acquisition were not announced, but Listech is expected to have no impact on Hexagon’s earning.

Autodesk announced today that it has completed the acquisition of technology from Allpoint Systems, a developer of software for collecting and processing laser point cloud data. The company also said that a team from Allpoint will join Autodesk to, as Amar Hanspal, Autodesk’s SVP of Information Modeling and Platform Products, said in a statement “make it easier for our customers to start their design processes with models based on reality, instead of a blank page… the Allpoint team [will] help accelerate the development of new reality capture solutions that make the most of the nearly infinite computational power of the cloud.”

There was some confusion a few weeks ago about Pointools and the future of its plugins following Bentley‘s acquisition last year. Bentley just announced the availability of Bentley Pointools V8i and two free iWare apps: Bentley Pointools View for point-cloud data visualization and sharing and Bentley Pointools PODcreator for converting laser scans to the POD file format. There’s lots of other good stuff in the release, which you can read about here. Faraz Ravi, Bentley director of product management, said, “Existing Pointools Edit and Pointools Suite users can benefit from this added value by upgrading to Bentley Pointools V8i through our SELECT subscription program, which includes maintenance and technical support.”

PTC renamed itself (um, to PTC) and sent out cool blue M&Ms to celebrate — oh, and announced results. Both are covered in detail on one of the posts I’ll publish soon but for now, know that FQ1 2013 non-GAAP revenue was $321 million, flat year over year but up 2% on a constant currency basis. License revenue was $79 million, down 10% on a constant currency basis. All of this was more or less consistent with earlier guidance. For FQ2, PTC expects non-GAAP revenue of $305 million to $325 million and for the full fiscal year, it expects non-GAAP revenue of $1,340 to $1,370 million.

And, lastly, Ray Kurland reminds us to be careful of our wallets no matter where we are.

I’m going back to bed so I don’t sneeze on you.