Earnings keep rolling on in, with the September quarter looking good but some companies nervous about the fourth quarter economic outlook. Not ANSYS, though. It’s time for another quick update:

Ansys today reported that Q3 revenue was $172.9 million versus the consensus estimate of $172.4 million – not a world-beater, but very good and, once again, a record level — helped by the $9 million contributed by Apache as part of combined operations for two months. Software license revenue was up 32% in Q3 to $104.5 million; maintenance revenue grew 19% to $68 million.

The company says that it saw strong performance across all major product lines, supplemented by two months of Apache as part of the combined operations. ANSYS recorded 14 deals over $1 million, up from 8 last quarter.

For Q4, ANSYS expects GAAP revenue of $189 million to $195 million, bringing the year to GAAP revenue of $683 million to $689 million, up around 18%. For fiscal 2012, the company expects GAAP revenue in the range of $815 million to $837 million, and increase of about 20% that will be driven in large part by the addition of Apache revenue for a full year. ANSYS says it is so bullish in its outlook because of “the positive customer sentiment” it is seeing in interactions with its base, planned increases in sales capacity, the upcoming release of ANSYS 14.0, current deal pipelines and sales forecasts.

More after the earnings call, if warranted.