Day 2 of no power here in the Merrimack Valley of New England, resulting in no WiFi and spotty 3G coverage, so this has to be quick — more soon on PTC and DS.

PTC has boffo Q4, cautious about 2012
PTC last week announced results for Q4 and fiscal 2011 that exceeded both analysts’ and the company’s own expectations for revenue in all categories and across all product lines. The company reported GAAP revenue of $339 million (up 26%), including a $21 million contribution from MKS, which PTC acquired on September 2. Excluding acquisitions, revenue was $319 million, just below the low end of guidance. For the full year, PTC reported GAAP revenue of $1,167 million, up 16% from a year ago. In significant news about customers’ buy-in to the PTC story, the company reports closing its highest number of large deals (30 in total, up from 28 last FQ4). Investors also loved the net income news, (EPS of $0.47, well above guidance of $0.42) and sent the share price up over 15% at one point. For fiscal 2012, PTC forecasts FQ1 GAAP revenue of $303 million to $318 million (which would be an increase of about 16%), and FY12 GAAP revenue of $1,327 million to $1,337 million, including contributions from MKS and 4CS of about $87 million to $97 million.

DS revenue up 7% on strength in PLM, Europe
Dassault Systèmes also reported September quarter results that were ahead of plan, with total revenue of €433 million, up 7% as reported, over a tough comparable a year ago. Total software revenue was up 7% to €394 million with PLM software, the far larger component, up 8% and Solidworks up 6%. Revenue from the Americas was essentially flat,Asia was up 2% and Europe was up 16%. At the same time, DS announced that it was acquiring Elsys, an “innovative provider of interactive electrical engineering and disruptive multi-discipline generative schematics solutions [,which] enables the automatic creation of millions of 2D schematics from functional-logical master data, thereby eliminating the tedious, costly, and error-prone process of interactive manual creation of schematics.” Elsys is new to me, but I hope to learn more — and whether this technology can be applied to process industry P&IDs, too. If so …

Nemetschek revenue up 9% so far in 2011
Nemetschek reported a 9% percent increase in sales for the first nine months of 2011, to €118 million increase, on 13% growth in maintenance and only 6% growth in license revenue. Revenue from outside Germany rose 9% and now accounts for 60% of total revenue. Among the various businesses, revenue from Design was up 8% to €95 million; Multimedia grew 32% to €10 million; the Build segment revenue was up 2 percent to €10 million; and the Manage business unit, which is being restructured, saw essentially flat revenue at €2.7 million. Nemetschek also gave interesting guidance for the remainder of 2012, saying it has experienced “a marginal weakening of the business climate in some foreign markets and in project business” but not in Germany, where construction industry forecases show accelerating growth. In an event, Nemetschek confirmed its forecasts for the current fiscal year.

One last, completely unrelated note: this freaky snowstorm managed to postpone Halloween — now to be celebrated on Wednesday!