Lots going on today — PTC makes its big announcement (and, I think, slipped up a bit on some timing), DS reports that Q3 was really good, Altair acquires SimLab and Hexagon closes on Intergraph.  Briefly, before I flit off to the PTC event:

•PTC’s been so loudly marketing Project Lightning, while being so secretive about what it actually is, that I hate to destroy their TA-DAA moment.  But several thousand people likely received the same webinar invite I did, so the magic may be dimmed a bit.  The lesson: a little hype is good but if Project Lightning is the thing I got the webinar invite for, it was overdone.  A lot.  But I’ll know for sure in three hours.

•Dassault Systèmes’ revenue was up 38% in Q3 to €404 million, led by 64% growth in license revenue.  I haven’t had the opportunity to parse the details, but it looks like growth was spread around the brands and geographies, with the growth leaders being Asia and the ENOVIA brand. The company also offered Q4 guidance, setting its non-IFRS revenue target to €412 million to €427 million.  That would make the total for 2010 something like €1.525 billion to €1.540 billion.

•Altair announced overnight that it is acquiring SimLab, which specializes in FEM for powertrain systems.  For those not familiar with SimLab, its technology is based upon feature recognition (bolts, chamfers, and so on), that lets users mesh significantly faster than using other methods. Altair expects “[t]he addition of SimLab [to] Altair’s simulation footprint across broad industry segments while advancing the company’s long-standing leadership position in CAE modeling and assembly solutions.”

•Hexagon announced Q3 results today (good – more later) and confirmed that the Intergraph acquisition would close today as expected.

More coming after my visit to PTCland.