Autodesk is finally announcing that seven resellers have been selected and are qualified to sell the Algor product line. Before its acquisition by Autodesk, Algor products were available in the US through online and telephone sales and in the Europe, the Middle East and Asia from a small group of resellers. Adding Autodesk’s high-caliber channel capacity will help to grow the brand and bring it into more direct competition with similar caliber tools from Altair, ANSYS, MSC Software and others.

It’s interesting that Autodesk has waited so long to make this happen. Algor 2010 was announced in mid-September and reinforces Autodesk’s commitment to continuing to flesh out the brand’s CAE capabilities and its direct, associative data exchange with CAD beyond Autodesk’s own Inventor. In all likelihood, Autodesk wanted to ensure that the chosen resellers were well trained to support key customer accounts as well as having its own backup capacity in place to deal with customer requests.

The potential for Algor is huge. The product is solid though not well-known; with user-interface improvements to give it a more Autodesk-like look-and-feel and access to a broader sales platform, it could become one of the more successful CAE products on the market. Autodesk’s slow roll-out allows the code, organization and sales capacity to grow in synch, minimizing the risk of overwhelming the channel or internal capacity to support complex product.