All user conference come with a blizzard of press releases, and this one almost got lost:
Autodesk has announced its intention to acquire iLogic from Logimetrix, a software
company that is part of Cypher Systems Group, a large Canadian developer of business
process software.

According to Logimetrix, iLogic enables designers to capture and embed engineering and
product knowledge directly into Inventor models, paving the way for rules-driven design.
iLogic creates "smart parts" that define product behaviors and can embed higher levels of
design intelligence directly into an Inventor mode through a user interface designed for
users with little or no programming experience.

This ease of use, if true, is a huge plus. I attended a session on Autodesk Intent (renamed
to Autodesk Inventor Automation Professional) at AU at which three different users spoke
about the complexity and expense of setting up an engineer-to-order product configuration
system. Ultimately worth it, but not easy or cheap. If iLogic can provide an easier way to
automate some of the ETO process, that’s a good thing.

Autodesk will acquire "software and related technology". Terms were not disclosed.