Last week, Altair Engineering announced that it would offer free training courses and
software licenses to displaced engineers in southeast Michigan who want to grow their
CAE expertise to increase their marketability to employers. If the program is successful,
it may be offered to displaced engineers in other parts of the United States.

Altair Chairman and CEO James Scapa said that the company has recently been
approached by many long-time Altair users who were laid off from their jobs and who
“requested free software licenses to stay current with industry technology … We felt that
we could perform a meaningful service for our colleagues affected by the economic
downturn while at the same time offsetting significant training costs for local companies
that may subsequently hire participants in the program."

According to Altair, the value of the program and 90-day software license exceeds
$11,000 per person. Details of the program, eligibility criteria and course descriptions are
available at

A sleeve off the vest? Perhaps. Software licenses are notoriously hard to value and
putting people into training classes being held anyway might seem a bit disingenuous.
But credit Altair for being the first engineering software company to try to help all of the
folks unemployed (or about to be) in Detroit.