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This time it’s Siemens, acquiring Sarokal for IC testing


This time it’s Siemens, acquiring Sarokal for IC testing

Feb 7, 2018 | Hot Topics

The pace of acquisition really doesn’t jibe with the news that capital is getting harder to come by. Either that, or all of these companies have seriously deep pockets. Today. Siemens announced that it place to acquire Sarokal Test Systems to continue the buildout of its solutions for the electronics/integrated circuits/telecommunications world.

According to Siemens, Sarokal Test Systems makes “test solutions for fronthaul networks that are comprised of links between the centralized radio controllers and the radio heads (or masts) at the “edge” of a cellular network. Sarokal products are used by chipset vendors, fronthaul equipment manufacturers, and telecom operators to develop, test and verify their 4G and 5G network devices from the early design stages through implementation and field-testing … Sarokal’s tester product family addresses the entire development and maintenance flow for cellular and wired transmission system testing. The technology is especially designed to detect radio frequency (RF) problems. With Sarokal’s foresight into the requirements of 5G testing, their testing models were created from the beginning for both the virtual (digitalization) environment as well as the physical testing environment.” I have a tenuous understanding of what that means and will update once I am briefed and more knowledgable.

Harri Valasma, CEO of Sarokal, said in the announcement that “[b]ecoming part of Siemens and integrating our technology into [Mentor’s] Veloce emulation platform will give us greater visibility into early customer adoption of 5G, which can help us maintain our leadership as this segment is forecasted to grow rapidly.”

Terms of the transaction, which is expected to close before the end of March 2018, were not disclosed.

As I said, I understand the words but not the meaning. More soon.

Do you use Sarokal’s products? Why? What’s unique about them? Does it strike you as positive that they join the Siemens portfolio? Comment below or send me an email.

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