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We appreciate your input so please leave comments on blog posts when you want to add to the conversation. We read everything we receive, but hope you understand that we are sometimes be unable to reply to all comments or if it takes us a short while to approve your comment.

Please consider the following guidelines as you consider what you want to write:

  • Keep your comments on-topic and relevant to the post.
  • Do not post comments which contain profanity, hate speech or solicitations.
  • If you have a personal interest, declare it. Tell us if you are affiliated with a company mentioned, are a user of a product we’ve written about or have another connection to the topic — it validates your opinion and lets readers see where you’re coming from.
  • Please use your real email address! It doesn’t appear to anyone except the moderators and it helps us confirm that the comment is legit. It also enables us to contact you for a rewrite, in case you make a great point but don’t adhere to the points above. [We don’t store your addy, and it will never be used to email you about anything other than your comment.]
  • We reserve the right not to approve comments that do not adhere to these guidelines. It is, after all, our blog.

Thanks again for reading and commenting!

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