Another quick update, since I’m now at the Altair HyperWorks Technology Conference — it’s user event in Detroit.

Cimatron reported good results for Q1, with revenue up 11% to just under $10 million. Better, depending on perspective, was that operating profit increased 110% in Q1 to $0.9 million, leading to net income more than doubling over last year to $0.8 million, or $0.09 per diluted share.

The earnings call hasn’t happened yet, but CEO Danny Haran is quoted in the press release as saying,
“We believe the strong year-over-year growth of license sales reflects our strong competitive position in our target markets, and our ability to translate product innovation into new business. Moreover, we were able to convert the revenue growth into strong cash flow and strong operating profit growth, making this quarter the best-ever Q1 in terms of non-GAAP operating and net profit.”

Cimatron doesn’t issue guidance, but Mr. Haran is optimistic in his general comments: “As global manufacturing activity continues to expand, we are able to grow our business in all territories and across all product lines. While we remain cautious in light of the recent political developments in Europe, we are happy to see strong business in our key European markets, namely Germany and Italy, as well as in North America and Asia.”

More when there’s time to listen to the conference call replay.