AVEVA released one of its cryptic interim statements today, in which it said that fiscal 2011 was “in line with expectations” and that all was “consistent with trends” discussed in an (equally cryptic) January 2011 statement.

I shouldn’t pick on AVEVA; this cryptic-ness is a “feature” of the way UK companies report. But it is frustrating that US companies give dizzying amounts of data every quarter while UK companies report twice a year. I do see the advantage of not doing things that way: reporting publicly every quarter drives a very short-term sales strategy and overall mentality, while the UK’s somewhat longer time between reports, in theory, drives a less reactive management strategy. But I digress ….

AVEVA said that the oil and gas and power verticals were strong, while marine and offshore improved. EMEA showed a slower economic recover than other regions, North America was affected by the competitive environment and “economic conditions” while Latin America showed strong growth due to developments in the Brazilian oil and gas sector.

One thing I like about AVEVA’s recent statements: when the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, AVEVA immediately updated their website to express their concern. Today, the company announced that it has seen no impact in revenue from these events. I hope that remains the case.

AVEVA will release more details on May 25.