ANSYS reported results today for the fourth quarter and fiscal 2010 that are middling from a growth perspective, but handily beat profit expectations, leading happy investors to raise the share price nearly 4% in pre-market trading.

Total revenue in Q4 was $167 million, up 11% over last year and up 19% over the third quarter. Total revenue for 2010 was $580 million, also growth of 11% over last year. Net income for the year was $153 million, leading to diluted earnings per share of $1.64, far above the $1.58 or so the company had forecast last quarter.

Comparing Q4 2010 to Q4 2009,
• Total revenue was $167 million, up 11%
• Paid-up license revenue grew 17% to $56 million while the lease business struggled, with revenue up 3% to $49 million
• Maintenance rebounded, up 14% to $57 million
• Services revenue declined 4% to $4.7 million
• Revenue from North America was up 10% to $57 million, while revenue from Europe declined 2% to $56 million
• The geo standout for ANSYS in Q4 was Japan, where revenue increased 36% to $27 million.
• Revenue from “Other General International Area” aka “rest of world” saw revenue increase 23% to $26 million.

For the full year 2010,
• Total revenue was up 11% to $580 million, on growth of 23% in the company’s non-Japan GIA region and growth in the paid-up license business
• Total lease revenue was up 1% to $185 million
• Paid-up revenue was up 24% to $166 million
• Maintenance was up 11% to $211 million
• Services revenue declined 4% to $18 million
• Revenue from North American operations grew 8% to $199 million, Europe was up 3% (led by Germany, up 8%) to $199 million. Japan was up 23% to $95 million and other GIA was up 22% to $88 million.

ANSYS also initiated guidance for 2011, forecasting Q1 revenue between $151 million and $157 million, or growth of about 13%. For 2011, the company sees total revenue in the range of $640 million to $660 million, which would be growth of 12%.

The company should provide more detail on the earnings call — such as what part of GIA grew so spectacularly and why — and I’ll update when there’s more information.