A Bank of America Merrill Lynch report arrived in my inbox this morning with the title “Do earnings never end” — how true. Here are two quick notes on today’s announcements to keep you up-to-date while I finish going over the results reported by Dassault Systemes on Thursday and by Hexagon on Wednesday.

Tekla, the Finnish provider of AEC and infrastructure management solutions, reported that 2010 revenue was €57.83 million, an increase of 15.5% from 2009 but not yet at 2008 levels. Revenue for the fourth quarter hit an all-time high in the company’s history, at almost €17 million.

The company’s Building & Construction group saw revenue grow by almost 19% in 2010 to €43 million, with license sales up 27% compared to the previous year and maintenance up 12%. Tekla says that it saw the “best license sales growth … in the Nordic countries, India, Middle and Far East in 2010”. The US continues to be the single largest market for its AEC BIM solutions.

The Infrastructure & Energy group reports that revenue increased by approximately 7% to €15 million but its operating profit decreased slightly from the previous year as it ramped up staffing to “renew its software offering … to sell Infra & Energy software especially to new customers and new types of customers in Finland and internationally.”

Ari Kohonen, Tekla President and CEO, commented, “All in all, we can be satisfied with Tekla’s development in 2010. The markets have strengthened but not yet recovered to the level of 2007 – 2008. Our net sales increased and our profitability improved considerably. In our view, the market trend that is favorable to us will continue, and we will continue to focus on developing, for example, our software offering. Even though last year was a good one, we have prerequisites for clearly even better results through our own measures, especially with the general market situation improving.”

Tekla sees sales increasing 10%-15% in 2011, citing the continuing improvement in the company’s end-markets and the introduction this month of its new BIMsight product for the construction industry.

CENIT, the German PLM reseller and implementer, reported today that 2010 improved as the year went along, with constrained spending early in the year giving way to an “increase in customer appetite for investment”. As a result, CENIT says its preliminary, unaudited sales in 2010 were €92.5 million, up 7%. The company anticipates continued growth in 2011, and intends to focus on greater utilization of its services capacity, with the target of total revenue growth of 10%. CENIT will release full financial details for 2010 on March 31.

Among large, public VARs, this leaves only Rand Worldwide to report its December quarter 2010 results on February 14. CENIT, reseller for DS and SAP (among others), reported revenue growth of 10% for 2010 while Mensch und Maschine (an Autodesk partner) reported sales up 19%.