Sorry, guys — it’s been crazy. There’s a lot going on the in the greater PLM universe and I wish I had time to offer a cogent analysis each happening, but I don’t. Rather than leave you hanging, here are several of the things I found most compelling last week:

MSC.Software has been announcing new or expanded partnerships over the last few months. Perhaps the most significant came last week: MSC has teamed with ACUSIM Software to directly couple AcuSolve with MD Nastran for fluid-structure interaction (FSI) simulations. MSC’s OpenFSI Interface connects the two solvers; no intermediary steps are needed, which speeds the solution and improves accuracy. This announcement follows hard on the heels of the announcement that MSC and HBM nCode agreed to release an new version of MSC Fatigue that will include the most recent updates to nCode’s DesignLife product. Both of these announcements make evident the “new MSC”: willing to partner and participate more readily with the greater CAE community.

Blue Ridge Numerics, makers of CFdesign, doesn’t offer much information about the company and its performance. But something good is clearly going on: the company announced recently that it has shown “year over year growth of more than 40% in the UK and European markets” so far in 2010. Blue Ridge clearly sees this trend continuing, as it has expanded teams serving select European markets. CFD is hot right now as compute power becomes more affordable and the products become more usable by non-experts — I’m not aware of any unique adoption patterns in Europe, but it is possible that CFDesign is taking share.

Flomerics is a tiny, tiny part of Mentor Graphics these days and Mentor doesn’t usually say anything about it during earnings calls. But on Thursday, CEO Wally Rhimes said that the company has “experienced strong performance from the acquisitions we made a year or two ago, especially Flomerics and LogicVision, both of which have substantially exceeded our expectations, and both of which have expanded their business with significant new customers.” It wasn’t clear from subsequent comments whether this success refers to revenue from Flomerics products or from the cross-selling opportunities Flormerics customers provide for the rest of Mentor’s product sets. Mentor also acquired Valor, and that also seems to be performing well.

On a completely different topic, Bentley Systems released major additions to its OpenPlant product last week — and all users of design software should take notice. Bentley OpenPlant is based on the ISO 15926 data model; it sounds horribly geeky but is HUGE in the plant design community and may ultimately serve as a model to enable users of other types of design software to address interoperability. Released for broad distribution this week are Bentley OpenPlant Modeler V8i, 3D plant modeling software based on the ISO 15926 data model; Bentley OpenPlant ModelServer V8 that manages both files and components; and Bentley OpenPlant Isometrics Manager V8i, an isometrics generation product that incorporates intelligence from 3D plant models. Bentley OpenPlant PowerPID was released earlier this year for intelligent process and instrumentation diagram creation. Much more coming on this when I have time — but the previews I saw at Bentley’s user conference in May (and the customer reaction) were terrific.

More soon ….