AVEVA Group today announced the appointment of Hervé Couturier as a Non-Executive Director, replacing the retiring David Mann on its board of directors.

M. Couturier is a software industry veteran and is currently Executive Vice President of the Technology Group at SAP, where he is responsible for definition and delivery of the entire technology products offering, including product management and product development of the NetWeaver and Business Objects brands. He came to SAP with the acquisition of Business Objects in 2008 and had previously held positions at S1 Corporation, XRT-CERG (a French software company specializing in the banking industry) and at IBM. M. Couturier holds Master of Science and Engineering degrees from École Centrale de Paris.

M. Courturier’s expertise should help AVEVA grow beyond its plant design roots and into the greater plant/ship operations and maintenance realm. Too, SAP is an important player in the plant operations space (and is likely the dominant enterprise management system installed in plants today), so a closer relationship between the two vendors is also an important step — perhaps more so for AVEVA, but both should benefit.