I missed it at the time, so perhaps you did too: Back in December, it was announced that Autodesk had acquired PlanPlatform (also known as Visual Tao) for about $25 million, according to the Haaretz (Israeli) newspaper. PlanPlatform was formed in 2007 by former members of the Israeli military and aerospace industry to develop a Software as a Service (SaaS) app to "construct models collaboratively and exchange information online" also according to Haaretz. The Haaretz article has more details and can be found here.

More recently, on January 5, Autodesk announced the acquisition of Dynamite VSP and Dynamite SIM visualization software products and related assets from 3am Solutions (UK) Limited. 3am Solutions developers visualization software for civil infrastructure. According to Autodesk, Dynamite VSP and Dynamite SIM will help Autodesk automate the process of creating visualizations for projects made with AutoCAD Civil 3D software. Terms of this deal were not disclosed.

Autodesk excels at taking a technology and leveraging it throughout its portfolio, making it accessible to users outside the obvious. One can’t help but wonder where the technology underlying PlanPlatfom and Dynamite VSP and Dynamite SIM will turn up.