PTC yesterday reminded everyone on its blast list that its 0% financing offer for Pro/Engineer, Windchill and other products continues right through to the end of its fiscal year, September 30. PTC rightly says that the 0% financing will enable buyers to conserve cash, defer the first payment of the “low monthly installments” for 90 days and “[e]njoy easier financial approval than bank loans”. Unfortunately, those are the same benefits touted to car buyers and real estate speculators and we know how that turned out.

The minimum deal size is $7500, so PTC is clearly targeting the SMB channel and hoping to drive business to its reseller channel. If the promotion is successful, it will allow PTC to show that it is adding more SMB customers at a faster rate than its competition, get it into accounts that might otherwise not be candidates right now and show a revenue bump for its fourth quarter.