A bit of an editorial: After yesterday’s barrage of offers of help for unemployed designers and
engineers (following the trickle of offers earlier in the year), I asked around to see if any
other vendors were embarking on similar programs. I somehow missed Bentley’s program,
announced in February — find out more here. Other than that, so far the answer is "no."

Don’t get me wrong: the vendors deserve credit for putting these programs in place and
making fully-functioning apps and training available. But since almost every vendor offers
demo versions and training materials on their websites, even products from vendors without
a formal "program" may be available. I’d suggest learning all the products you can gain
access to, since a resume showing experience in many apps is arguably more attractive
than one showing expertise in only one tool.

Even if a particular vendor does not offer free software or have a specific program in place,
ask! Ask for a demo copy, for discounted enrollment in a class already being held, for
access to webinars and other skill-building materials. The worst that can happen is that
some poor person, thankful to have a job, has to tell you no — but how likely is that? Odds
are, they’ll help find a way to help.

PLM people are like that.