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Altair adds Univa to its HPC offering


Altair adds Univa to its HPC offering

Sep 14, 2020 | Hot Topics

Altair just announced that it has acquired Univa, a maker of workload management, scheduling, and optimization solutions for high-performance computing (HPC), on-premise and in the cloud. Altair says Univa’s Grid Engine is a distributed resource management system that optimizes workloads and resources in data centers, improving return-on-investment and delivering better results, faster. Its other main product, Univa Navops Launch, helps migrate enterprise HPC workloads to the cloud by providing real-time insights into workloads and spending, with complete visibility to HPC cloud resources.

Altair CEO Jim Scapa said that “Altair has invested significantly in HPC and cloud technologies for several years. The addition of Univa’s technology and its very experienced team further cements our leadership position in this fast-moving space.”

Altair says it will continue to invest in Univa’s technology to support existing customers while integrating with Altair’s HPC and data analytics solutions.

Details were not released, though we may learn more at Altair’s earnings announcement in a few weeks.

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