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Totally OT: Cocktails, curators, The Frick

I’ve told you before that my favorite museum in the world is The Frick Collection, in New York. I’m late to the party but just discovered that they’re hosting a YouTube series on Friday afternoons, at 5 PM ET, where a curator talks about a major work. It’s not at all as boring as it sounds. It’s called Cocktails with a Curator and is absolutely worth the 15-20 minutes each episode takes. And it comes with cocktail recipes, for those who are into that sort of thing. Today’s episode was about a lovely sculpture of an angel, the mystery of its creation, the trail of its provenance … awesome. I’m tuning in for new episodes and will be going back to the one about my absolutely favorite piece in The Frick Collection, Turner’s ‘Harbor of Dieppe’. I can get stare at that one …

This is today’s session, about Barbet’s ‘Angel’ — which, I admit, I mist have walked by a number of times, thinking it a garden accessory:

Cocktails with a Curator: Barbet's 'Angel'

Join me or get lost in whatever your favorite museum is offering — and then donate, so they can keep going even when humans can’t come in person. All it takes is this curator’s comment about sculptures melted into cannonballs, to realize how at risk our art really is.

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