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How you can help: lend your compute power to Folding@Home

How you can help: lend your compute power to Folding@Home

Apr 15, 2020 | Hot Topics

Here’s one that requires literally no effort on your part, after you download the app to your PC tower: Lend your CPU and GPU to scientists who are trying to discover how to block the Coronavirus from infecting human cells. Folding@Home (F@H for the cool kids) is a distributed computing project that studies protein folding. Do you know those images of prickly balls that the media is using to convey what coronavirus looks like? Well, proteins are the spikes on the virus ball and F@H is looking for molecules that could interact with the spikes to block the virus’ ability to infect us. Learn lots more here.

So far this distributed network of home PCs has an aggregate computing power of 1.5 ExaFlops, or 1.5 billion-billion floating point mathematical operations per second. Wow! All brought together by the generosity and interest of folks like us. We are AWESOME!

One caution: You participate by downloading an app that’s meant to run on a cooled PC tower. Laptops aren’t ideal for this because the app will crank your CPU and GPU to near 100% capacity.

Image shamelessly stolen from NewScientist.

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