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Totally OT: Capybaras balance oranges

I could (and probably should) write something PLMish but let’s save that for later. Instead, I’m going to share a moment of zen, courtesy of HIRO@sea:

Capybara with mandarin orange on head in the open-air bath☆みかんを頭にのせるカピバラ 伊豆シャボテン動物公園【元祖カピバラの露天風呂】

If you speak Japanese, you can understand the naturalist’s explanations; if not, just watch the capybaras float serenely around their pool. The focus shifts to the swimmers at about 0:45, and this handsome gentleman (?) does his trick at 1:45. Such a ham!

That’s it for now – ESI holds its investor event (virtually) in a few hours, and I’ll share what I learn tomorrow.

Funny & wise from Mel Brooks' family as we all try to flatten the curve ESI on the impact of Covid-19: "It's a 3-month event"
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