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Hexagon adds CAEfatigue to simulation portfolio


Hexagon adds CAEfatigue to simulation portfolio

Mar 17, 2020 | Hot Topics

Coronavirus or not, business seems to crank along, even if at a slower level. Hexagon today announced that it is acquiring CAEfatigue Limited, a provider of fatigue simulation solutions.

Hexagon’s explanation of why fatigue matters is interesting: they use an automotive example, as one would immediately think of, but also this: “piping systems in industrial facilities need to endure dynamic changes in temperature, pressure, weight and other forces over long operational lives”. Totally true –that’s why the pipes in your home creak when you turn on the heat or hot water– and also a rationalization tied to Hexagon’s broader offering, for the world of process plant design.

I’m not familiar with CAEfatigue, but Hexagon says that CAEfatigue Vibration offering “provides industry-leading performance and accuracy using frequency-domain response, which provides faster, more accurate and more intuitive analysis of the qualitative behavior of systems than the time-domain alternative. Its solutions are used by global manufacturers across multiple industries, including automotive and aerospace and are interoperable with leading computer-aided engineering (CAE) packages”. I would imagine MSC Software’s offerings are on that list and find it curious that Hexagon didn’t take the opportunity to point that out …

Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén said, “CAEfatigue offers solutions for validating design and manufacturing methods – from choice of material to fabrication – enabling decisions during the design phase that improve quality and product life, while saving time, reducing costs and eliminating waste. [T]hese technologies … enhance our portfolio of Smart Industrial Facility solutions, which already include a leading suite of analysis tools for pipe stress used by customers in both the design and operation of process plants.”

CAEfatigue will operate as part of Hexagon’s Manufacturing Intelligence division.

No financial details were released, though Hexagon did say that the acquisition will have no significant impact on earnings.

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