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A bit more on the ANSYS / Aras OEM deal

A bit more on the ANSYS / Aras OEM deal

Jan 22, 2020 | Hot Topics

I had a number of questions about the new / upgraded relationship between ANSYS and Aras that was announced last week and reached out to both companies for more details. ANSYS VP Strategy and Partnerships Sin Min Yap told me the following; his comments are preceded by his initials, my comments are below.

Why Aras? What were the most important reasons for ANSYS to go for an SPDM solution based on Aras PLM technology?

SMY: Both ANSYS and Aras have a vendor neutral and open approach, and customers have already validated this approach based on several ongoing engagements with ANSYS Minerva. It should be noted that ANSYS Minerva leverages the underlying Aras platform, and not the PLM offerings from Aras. For e.g. ANSYS Minerva leverages the core platform capabilities such as configuration management and PDM/PLM connectivity, and not Comet technologies or other PLM applications, from Aras.

MS: I didn’t realize that Minerva didn’t use the PLM offerings – I thought it was a customized-for-CAE implementation of Aras Innovator, excluding Comet. So this new arrangement is clearly an expansion.

Why now?

SMY: Our partnership and collaboration have been ongoing for ~2 years, with early customers being made aware of this under NDA. The first commercial release of ANSYS Minerva was only in 2019R3, and also without a significant marketing push. Now that we are doing a more focused messaging and launch of ANSYS Minerva as part of 2020R1, it was the right time to make the public announcement on our Aras partnership.

Is this real, with a serious investment in this platform, or is it PR?

SMY: Open ecosystem support is one of the pillars of the pervasive simulation strategy at ANSYS to connect simulation to the engineering processes at our customers. The release of ANSYS Minerva in 2019R3 (leveraging the Aras platform mentioned in the OEM agreement) demonstrates our commitment to provide solutions to support this digital transformation journey of our customers.

MS: Early days, but let’s take that as a commitment of real investment.

What happens to ANSYS Minerva, which I understand is “powered by Aras”? How will this go to market — via Aras’ app store or ANSYS’ sales teams or both or something new? Who supports what?

SMY: As mentioned above, this partnership announcement is directly related to ANSYS Minerva (and not a creation of something new or different), and it was just a matter of timing the PR with the first broad announcement of ANSYS Minerva is 2020R1. The go to market of ANSYS Minerva is only as an ANSYS product through S sales effort. ANSYS will support the customers directly for the ANSYS Minerva solution, and Aras and ANSYS will coordinate second line support to manage the OEM level interactions.

Do you have any similar plans regarding other PLM technology vendors?

SMY: We are not ready to share future plans at this time. We continue to engage very closely with Minerva customers and will respond based on their needs.

So there you have it. Mr. Yap was quite candid and I thank him for his help. I’ve also reached out to Aras but we keep missing one another — I look forward to learning more.

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