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Altair starts 2020 with an EMAG deal


Altair starts 2020 with an EMAG deal

Jan 6, 2020 | Hot Topics

Surprise! One of the PLMish world’s most acquisitive companies has done it again: Altair announced today that it has snapped up Spain’s newFASANT, which makes software used for high-frequency electromagnetic analysis.

newFASANT was founded in 2010, a spin-off from the University of Alcalá, near Madrid, and are (according to newFASANT) “recognized pioneers in the application of high frequency techniques, ray-tracing, and MoM solutions using realistic representations of user geometries by means of models created by NURBS algorithms”.

Why combine? Altair says that adding newFASANT to Altair FEKO “solidifies Altair’s place as a world leader in high-frequency electromagnetics, a critical technology that supports advanced digital communications for areas such as IoT, cellular networks, mobile phones and connected devices, V2V, [vehicle to vehicle communication –ed] radar and radio”.

Altair CEO James Scapa adds, “By combining its people and software into our advanced solutions offerings, we are clearly emerging as the dominant player in high-frequency electromagnetics – technology that is critical for solving some of the world’s toughest engineering problems.”

For newFASANT, it’s about opportunity. CEO Felipe Cátedra said, “Ever since we spun off from the University of Alcalá, we have grown the sophistication of our offerings, but by joining a powerhouse like Altair, we will be able to commercially expand our footprint immensely.” newFASANT has an impressive customer list that seems largely European; a first mission will clearly be a global rollout of the newFASANT portfolio.

Financial details were not disclosed, though we might find out more during Altair’s next earnings call, when the company will address its outlook.

Welcome to 2020!

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