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Quickie: Siemens acquires to build out Mentor’s IC capabilities


Quickie: Siemens acquires to build out Mentor’s IC capabilities

Jun 25, 2018 | Hot Topics

Siemens announced today that it is acquiring Austemper Design Systems Inc., a company that makes analysis, auto-correction and simulation technology for integrated circuit (IC) design. This complements Mentor Grpahic’s Questa software, which does functional verification of system faults and aids in IC security. Austemper adds safety analysis, auto-correction and fault simulation technology to address random hardware faults.

Austemper says its “mission is to provide ASIC vendors with a one-stop solution for meeting their functional safety requirements”.via a “scalable solution to gain functional safety certification for products serving the Automotive, Industrial, Medical and Enterprise markets”. The company was founded 2015; Siemens says that Austemper’s solutions are in use at leading semiconductor and IP companies, to analyze the registered-transfer level (RTL) code versions of their designs for faults and vulnerabilities. Siemens also says that “Austemper technology performs simulation at orders of magnitude faster than competing solutions”.

Siemens plans to integrate Austemper’s technology into Mentor’s IC verification portfolio.

No terms were disclosed.

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