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Sallinger of PPM, another long-time PLMish CEO, steps aside

Sallinger of PPM, another long-time PLMish CEO, steps aside

Jan 12, 2017 | Hot Topics

Hexagon today announced that Mattias Stenberg has taken over as President of the Process, Power & Marine (PPM) business, succeeding Gerhard Sallinger, who has been appointed Senior Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Hexagon. Mr. Sallinger, who has been with Intergraph almost forever and has been CEO/President of PPM since 2001, will “lead efforts to strengthen Hexagon’s strategic alliances to better exploit the synergistic opportunities that exist across its businesses.”

Mr. Stenberg has been Hexagon’s Chief Strategy Officer since 2013, after starting at Hexagon in 2009 in Investor Relations.

Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén said of the change, “As we look to the future, we remain focused on leveraging PPM’s established technology leadership to open up new business opportunities and serve the growing needs of our customers. As a long-term member of Hexagon’s group management team with knowledge and expertise across all aspects of Hexagon’s businesses, Mattias is the ideal candidate to accelerate this expansion.”

have to admit to wondering how much longer Mr. Sallinger would stay at PPM — but I would not have seen Mr. Stenberg as his replacement. That said, it’s an interesting choice, this new leader of PPM. On the one hand, Mr. Stenberg is externally focused, with the goal of making/keeping Hexagon at the #1 or #2 spot in any market — clearly, he’ll look to maintaining that position for PPM. He’s young, hip, Scandi, and fits well with the top levels at Hexagon. But he hasn’t come up through the PPM organization, which could cause some turmoil in the team grown by Mr. Sallinger and roil some of the longtime customer relationships he carefully nurtured. Mr. Sallinger was PPM’s best sales guy for a long time; we’ll be watching to see how that gap is filled.

You can get a sense of Mr. Stenberg here, where he speaks to Hexagon’s December 2016 Capital Markets Day (click on the link or the image):

Hexagon CMD 2016 (8 of 9): Mergers & Acquisitions

This adds Mr. Sallinger to the list of ANSYS’ Jim Cashman, AVEVA’s Richard Longdon, and Siemens PLM’s Chuck Grindstaff (who am I forgetting?) who have all announced in the last few months that it’s time for a change.

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