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Quickie: Update on Autodesk and NEi

My goodness — the piece I posted yesterday about Autodesk acquiring certain asset of NEi Software really poked the bear! You’ve been commenting and emailing like crazy, which leads to this quick update:

FWIW, I would argue that your post is somewhat misleading in that NEi’s product is not actually Nastran.  While it does use the word (acronym?) Nastran, it does not have the NASA/Cosmic Nastran pedigree that MSC, Siemens (and others in the past such as UAI and CSA) did.

Another wrote:

[NEi’s competitors] relied on *old* ways. Companies and engineers choose NEi Nastran for its innovation and support.

Keep the comments and emails coming and we’ll all learn more together. But, please, keep it civil and constructive.

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