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Quickies: DS/Realtime & ADSK/Delcam inch closer; Softech, Stratasys earnings news

news headlinesSo much news, so little time. A quick listing of what’s captured our imagination lately.

On the acquisition front, two deals have moved forward a bit. If you remember, Dassault Systèmes announced back in December that it was acquiring a controlling stake in Realtime Technology (RTT), with the ultimate goal of acquiring the whole thing. Yesterday, DS announced that it has hit the 84%-of-shares mark and is now extending the offer to all other shareholders. The offer ends on January 29, 2014 and, I presume, RTT becomes part of DS on January 30. RTT creates high-end 3D visualization software and marketing solutions and offers computer-generated imagery services.

Today Delcam announced that its shareholders voted to accept Autodesk‘s offer to acquire the company, paving the way for that deal to close in February. If I understood the British legalese, the hurdles that remain are approval by a UK court and the receipt of “competition clearances.”

Next up, some earnings news. SofTech, maker of ProductCenter PLM and CAD Connectors for Aras, said that revenue for the three months ended November 30, 2013 was $1.4 million, down 20% year/year, leading to a net loss for the period. But it’s not all bad: The company sold CADRA in October, which “accounted for most of the revenue decline”. CEO Joe Mullaney is quoted in the earnings release as saying, “The sale of the CADRA product line during the current quarter and the resulting improved liquidity represents a transformative event for the shareholders. The management team is committed to continuing its efforts to carefully and systematically explore alternatives for maximizing shareholder value.”

Last of all, Stratasys says things are going so well with its  acquisition that it needs to update is guidance for 2014. It now expects revenue to be between $660 million and $680 million, with organic revenue growing “at least 25%” while MakerBot is “expected to grow at a higher rate”. David Reis, CEO said that “revenue synergies continue to develop from the merger between Stratasys and Objet, which is reflected in our outlook for organic sales growth of at least 25%. In addition, the performance of MakerBot, which we acquired in August of 2013, is exceeding our expectations, and is on track to be accretive by the end of the year. We expect 2014 will be another exciting year for Stratasys and our shareholders.”

I spent a solid chunk of today at PTC, learning about ThingWorx and PTC’s plans to market it both as a platform and as part of SLM, ALM and PLM apps. Much more on that in a day or two but for now, know that IoT is so much more than connected toothbrushes and Crock-Pots (apparently, that was a thing at last week’s Consumer Electronics Show). Lower carrying costs for spares, more targeted service offerings, faster product improvement cycles … it’s going to be a whole new world.

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