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PTC channel doing well, DS/SIMPOE update

EarningsIt’s going to be another busy week, with earnings from Hexagon, Cimatron and Stratasys today and then CENIT, ExOne and Autodesk later in the week. Before we start on those, however, there are a couple of bits of old business to handle, too. If “old” means last week and last month, that is …



PTC channel is doing well, thank you very much

I had a quick call with PTC CFO Jeff Glidden to clear up some lingering questions about PTC’s March quarter results. I had gotten it into my head that PTC’s channel revenue grew 2% year/year during the quarter and wondered why the channel was struggling: were they feeling competitive pressure, suffering from a lack of focus, serving customers more affected by macro economy … Turns out, they’re not struggling at all. In prepared remarks, PTC said that CAD channel revenue was up 2%; Mr. Glidden told me that PTC’s channel revenue across all product areas was up 7% in constant currency (versus total revenue up 5% across all channels). So the channel actually did better than the direct sales force, and particularly well in PLM, in FQ2.

SIMPOE leverages DS channels, support resources

Last week, Dassault Systèmes announced that it was buying partner company SIMPOE for its mold design and analysis solutions. SIMPOE-Mold is the standalone product; it’s also rebranded as SolidWorks Plastic and has plugins for non-DS brands like PTC’s Creo and Siemens’ SolidEdge. Today, I spoke with Peter Rucinski, the product manager for SolidWorks Plastics about what this all means for SIMPOE and DS.

First off, Mr. Rucinski says that DS has no plans to alter any partner plug-ins or SIMPOE-Mold. DS acquired SIMPOE because of the success of SolidWorks Plastics and doesn’t want to jeopardize the brand — if anything, it sees the brand growing to be sold with CATIA and, perhaps, SIMULIA. (But, as with FE-Design, it’s entirely possible that SIMPOE’s partners will decide that they don’t want to rely on a piece of DS technology in their offerings.) Too, Mr. Rucinski says that he could foresee expansion of the SolidWorks Plastics offering to include a version that is, essentially, SIMPOE-Mold; today, the Professional and Premium versions contain some, but not all, of its capabilities. It’s early days, but it sounds as though we are likely to see continued expansion of SolidWorks Plastics, as well as the possible emergence of a “CATIA Plastics”.

Mr. Rucinski spent much of last year training internal and partner resources in SolidWorks Plastic and estimates that there are now 400 support people in place, who can act as local resources during a wider expansion of the SIMPOE offering. This support network will enable DS to scale sales of SIMPOE much more quickly than the company could have done as a standalone. As he put it, “SIMPOE’s technology is very good, but this acquisition leverages all of the trained expertise already in place, both internal and external in our channel partners.”

You may now get on with your week.

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