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Quickies: Uncertain economy drags down March quarter

NewsIt’s a busy week for earnings reports from engineering software companies. While I work on longer-form reports, here are a few quotes from my notes. Note that these are not 100% representative of the company’s March quarter reports — in other words, the full results may be better or worse than these little snippets indicate — so tune in later for the details.

“…[A] less than robust, and somewhat unpredictable, global economy.” — ANSYS CEO Jim Cashman

“We definitely felt continued pressure in the [March] quarter.” — FARO CEO Jay Freeland

“The … market seems to be in an in-between state, expressing neither alarm nor much exuberance.” — Trimble CEO Steven Berglund

“Despite ongoing regional economic uncertainties, we experienced robust growth in all geographic regions… We expect 2013 to be our most exciting and most productive new product introduction year in the history of the company.” — 3D Systems CEO Abraham Reichental

“We are seeing solid demand across each of our geographies in major verticals, … [and] have not seen any material change in customer-buying patterns on a global basis. During the third quarter, energy, chemicals and engineering and construction continue to represent 90% or more of the company’s business.” — Aspen Tech CEO Mark Fusco

“[W]e are experiencing an economic environment that is not improving. This weakness contributed to all product lines, segments and geographic regions underperforming their targets in the first quarter.” — Accelrys CEO Scipio Carnecchia

“Indicators for 2013 are in line with expectations, which are quite positive.” — Nemetschek CEO Tanja Tamara Dreilich

It looks as though AEC-focused companies may actually be better off right now, possibly because their expectations were lower going into 2013. 3D Systems is clearly the outlier here as their business should grow because of its acquisitions, almost disregarding broader economic concerns.

We’ll parse it all in longer posts starting tomorrow.

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