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And the market breathes a sigh of relief …

I’ve been wrong so often on pre-announcements that I waited this time until companies announce their earnings dates: ANSYS and PTC both announced today the dates and times of their June quarter earnings calls, which means that neither is likely to announce results significantly at odds with prior forecasts.

ANSYS will hold its call on August 6, and had previously forecasted GAAP revenue in the range of $118 million to $124 million for the quarter and between $502 million and $552 million for the year.

PTC will be reporting June quarter earnings on July 28. The company had previously adjusted its fiscal 2009 (ending in September) target to $940 million, and June-quarter revenue to between $220 million and $230 million.

This non-news caused ANSYS’ share price to rise about 1% and PTC’s to go up almost 2% — it would appear that investors were more nervous about PTC’s ability to hit its targets for the June quarter.

That leaves Autodesk — but their financial year is a month off, so they won’t be reporting on the July-ending quarter for a while, Dassault Systèmes, and MSC Software, which will have to report since shareholders will take current results into account when deciding on the sale of the company to Symphony and Elliot.

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