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Sandvik lays out CAM ambitions

I am seriously behind on posting earnings writeups but for now, know that most companies reported good results for the March quarter and that our corner of the IT vendor space has little exposure to Russia and Belarus, so won't see a significant revenue decline due to...

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Digital transformation? Let’s talk.

I was at Autodesk’s Accelerate conference in New Orleans earlier this week. Many great speakers talked about how they are adapting to the realities they find themselves in—demanding customers, changing supply chains, squeezed timelines — and, oh, the complexities of...

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Quickie: Ansys acquires MDL & its Motor-CAD

Ansys just announced that it has acquired Motor Design Limited (MDL) Motor-CAD to "strengthen Ansys' Electronics portfolio, enabling customers to design more efficient electric machines and apply them to more applications". The companies had been distribution partners...

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PTC closes Codebeamer deal, reports solid FQ2

PTC just announced that it has closed its acquisition of Intland Software and its Codebeamer. And that reminds me that I never did publish a note on PTC's earnings last week -- which were very positive. First, Codebeamer, then earnings. PTC says today that Codebeamer...

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