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Intel thinks we’ve bottomed out

Earnings season is slowly starting. No, Intel is not a PLM company, but it is an importantindicator of global demand. Intel today reported first quarter revenue of $7.1 billion, operatingincome of $670 million and net income of $647 million. The net is far higher than...

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Solidworks cares about displaced workers, too!

SolidWorks announced that it is giving back to loyal users and helping them hone theirskills as they face tough competition in the job market. Originally mentioned at SolidWorksWorld in February but activated this week, SolidWorks' Engineering Stimulus Packageoffers a...

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Take-aways from Autodesk Investor Day

I was unable to listen to the entire day, but found the following particularly interesting:- Autodesk is trying to help its channel partners make it to the other end of the recession, inpart by reducing the inventory they have to hold in order to remain authorized....

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Autodesk launches displaced worker program

Today Autodesk formally rolls out the Autodesk Assistance Program which offers "free"software licenses, free online training, reduced-cost classroom training and discountedcertification programs for unemployed architects, designers and engineers. The...

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Autodesk announces more job cuts and hires new CFO

Autodesk today announced that it has not seen any improvement in global economicconditions and therefore is further reducing its operating expenses. The company plans towring out another $100 million to $150 million, on an annualized basis. Details are still...

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Rackable Systems buying SGI

Since this is from an SEC filing, I don't think it's a practical joke: Rackable Systems willbuy "substantially all the assets, except for certain excluded assets, of SGI for $25 million,subject to adjustment in certain circumstances, plus the assumption of...

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AVEVA acquires instrumentation product IDO

AVEVA has announced the acquisition of iDesignOffice Pty Ltd, the Australian creator ofInstrumentation Design Office (IDO). IDO is a set of applications for creating and maintaininginstrumentation engineering data for process plants. IDO will be renamed...

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President chastises GM and Chrysler

Wow. GM and Chrysler have been sent back to the drawing boards to come up with betterplans if they want more bailout money. The text of President Obama's statement aboutthe government's decision to offer a limited bailout for the GM and Chrysler includes thefollowing...

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Formula One: PLM Bellwether #1

I've recently been researching PLM bellwethers, those groups or individuals whose use of atechnology or process portends its eventual wider adoption. Bellwethers set the stage,control early research and guide its commercialization. Formula One (F1) racing...

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