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Updated: MSC interim CEO definitely in charge

MSC Software announced this afternoon that its results were within guidance and that it is seeing the same declines in new license revenue shown by other PLM suppliers. MSC reported total revenue for the first quarter to $53.6 million, down 12% from last year, led by...

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Dassault Systèmes sees tough times continuing

As expected, DS reported that the economic conditions seen in the fourth quarter continuedin the first, leading to a constriction in spending on new licenses as companies scaled backimplementations. Total revenue for the quarter was EU309.7 million, up 1% as reported...

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Trip Report: Arizona in April

- is lovely. Stark brown scrubby hills surrounding the city of Phoenix -- which stretches onforever. I will definitely go back to climb some of those hills someday, if I can convincemyself that the scorpions and rattlers are more afraid of me than I of them.I attended...

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Surprise! Oracle buys Sun

It hit the wires this morning: Oracle has agreed to pay $9.50 a share for Sun, a transactionthe companies have valued at $5.6 billion, excluding Sun's cash and debt. The deal givesOracle the ability to sell hardware as well as its database technology -- and perhaps...

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WSJ says venture capital at 11-year low

The Wall Street Journal today has a bunch of stats related to investment by venture firmsover the last several months. A quick summary: In Q1 2009, VCs invested only half asmuch as a year ago -- still close to $4 billion but the lowest amount since 1998. Thenumber of...

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Dassault Systèmes reports a tough Q1

Dassault Systèmes reported that Q1 revenue was around EU310 million, far lower than theearlier target of EU325 million to EU335 million. Said CEO Bernard Charlès in a preparedstatement, "Revenue grew a modest 1% year-over-year, as the business environment,...

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Intel thinks we’ve bottomed out

Earnings season is slowly starting. No, Intel is not a PLM company, but it is an importantindicator of global demand. Intel today reported first quarter revenue of $7.1 billion, operatingincome of $670 million and net income of $647 million. The net is far higher than...

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